Terrorist attack at 2012 Olympics.

Apparently, there will be a terror attack at the 2012 Olympics. This will be followed by an evacuation of London.

One hundred thousand UN troops have already been brought into London to help with the evacuation.

It is widely believed that the UN is a front organisation for vested interests, i.e. the corrupt, to further their interests. Witness, for example, the ‘Arab Spring’, supposedly an uprising by, and triumph of, democrats, but now widely believed to be a cover for the latest in a succession of puppet governments or dictatorships controlled by the vested interests.

Also witness the war for Bosnia in the 1990s. The UN was used to entrench the muslim population as the most powerful group in the region, effectively handing over to the muslims a region which historically was owned by the Serbs. This was theft.

The last UK government, New Labour, had an ‘open door’ immigration policy. This allowed in 15m odd immigrants to the UK, many of them illegal. Before leaving office, New Labour admitted that as a result, the UK had about 10,000 trained islamic terrorists walking its streets freely, a number too great to be watched full time.

The UN and the interests it represents seems intent upon using UN forces to promote islam. It seems not to care for any ethnic group. It seems to want to subdue all ethnicities with the latest oppressive religion of the Middle East. This is the trend indicated by the evidence quoted here.

It now seems to want to impose islam on the UK.

This would be typical of ‘our’ ‘leaders’. They are an ages-old group which has for millennia kept their ‘cattle’ subdued by oppression. Scientists such as forensic archaeologists and forensic geneticists have proven that Europe, over the last 11,500+ years, has sufferred 3-4 waves of arabic invasions which each covered most of Europe. In each case, all of the indiginous males were killed off, except a few in the odd, few, small, uninvaded regions. This is known because in these regions, few or no native Y/male chromosomes are found today. It is also known because during these waves, for hundreds of years, no indiginous male lived beyond 2-3 years of age, all of them had kneecaps worn away by the grinding of corn, and all of them had their skulls smashed in when they were unable to work any longer. These scientists have also shown that over the time of the arabs’s prescence in Europe, the indiginous population became increasingly arabicised, i.e. the European women were raped by the arabs. When they too had worked their kneecaps away and could no longer grind corn, their skulls too were smashed in. The arabs enslaved Europe.

When Christianity was brought to Europe by the Ancient Romans, it was imposed upon the indiginous population by means of force, by violence. Perhaps during the arab invasions, an arabic religion was also imposed upon the subjected Europeans. Perhaps the arabic invasions began ‘peacefully’, perhaps by proselitising/preaching priests. Perhaps they began with an influx of traders. Perhaps they were invited in as ‘workers’ by indiginous ‘leaders’, to quell a burgeoning ‘middle’ ‘class’ and the organision of labour/guilds.

Perhaps this is what is happening today. Perhaps today, the arabs are again being brought in to quell us.

Why would ‘our’ ‘leaders’, slavers by mentality, deem a self-regulatory, independent, autonomous, and unionised people a problem? Because such people are not slaves! And slavers want slaves!

Thus, ‘our’ ‘leaders’ deem us a problem regularly, whenever we recover from the damage they systematically inflict upon us, as we have recovered now. And they are working to repeat this damage again, now.

Other races are not such a problem to them as the European race are. Only Europeans are able to pose a threat to them, because only we are a race capable by nature of originating scientific and technological development. This poses a permanent threat to them because it means that due to our nature, they cannot make us impotent. Thus, they deem it necessary to crush us from time to time, to keep us servile.

Such an episode may be about to begin.

‘Our’ ‘leaders’ live by the stars. They are the Freemasons, the Illuminati, Queen Eliabeth II’s ‘Firm’, all Satanists. And 2012 is a big year for them. It is ‘The time of the Great Culling’, which is when the majority of the people on Earth, and indeed many of its animal species, are killed, or even killed off. This is caused by the passage close by us of Planet X, the 10th Planet, known by the Sumerians as Nibiru. They repeat regular actions by the stars, utilising their influences to assist them in thr pursuit of their interests. One such action is the assistance of invasive forces into countries across the planet when Niburu is due to pass, to increase the conflict which will result from the ensuing chaos. Thus, the New Labour government’s ‘open door’ immigration policy which has allowed 10,000+ Al Qaeda trained islamic terrorists into London, and the postage of 100,000 UN troops within London during 2012.

The idea seems to be to use ‘UN’/Satanic New World Order/NWO forces to assist islamic arabs to impose slavery upon Europe once again, this time in the name of its latest religion, Islam, so that it may quell us for them, once again. Whomever is doing this is playing a suicidal game, if they are European, due to the reasons described above. Therefore, those truly responsible are probably of Middle Eastern origin, as these types survive the arabic invasions of Europe.

So, who might they be?

Which group of people of Middle Eastern descent has become the overwhelming power in the Western world, over the course of centuries? The Jews.

After each arab invasion lasting for hundreds of years, the arabs went back to their homelands, having destroyed whatever had attracted them to Europe. Then, Europe would slowly reselect its indiginous genetics, and would originate civilisation, again.

And then, the whole cycle would begin again.

We would become great, travel abroad, meet forrigners, trade with them, employ them within our lands, and fall to them.

We need to survive this process this time or even stop it from happening, and to make sure it never happens again. There are several things we can do to make this happen. One thing is to remove the foreigners from our lands before they take them over. Another is to not see ‘our’ ‘leaders’ as such, but ad enemies.

We need to institute governmental changes which disallow non-indiginous, non-democratic government. We need full proportional representation in our voting system, and direct democracy wherein only laws voted on freely by the public pass into law. We need an armed civilian population. We need Western-focussed economics and no offshore banking.


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